Good for breastfeeding, milk production and so much more, make your baby your favorite everyday accessory.


We exclusively carry Ameda for a reason.  They are the safest, most efficient AND the most comfortable pumps out there. 

Whether you are an educator yourself, or just trying to learn a thing or two before baby, we have the tools.

The coolest of our super cool collection and all-time best sellers. These are a few of our favorite things...

Let wet t-shirts remain a thing of your past.  Nursing pads are now a necessary part of your daily repertoire. 

Whether they work or not, we leave it to you to decide. But, some moms swear by them.

Because you need somewhere really, REALLY good to store your precious, irreplaceable goods.  Absolutely priceless.

YES! Nursing bras can be sexy! And why not? While you got'em, might as well flaunt'em. Just another perk of breastfeeding.

You supply the breasts and we take care of the rest.  Just another way we support you and all of your breastfeeding needs.

Eventually you will nurse standing on your head (promise!), until then a nursing pillow can be a real lifesaver.

Offering quick access and making breastfeeding more discreet, nursing tanks are a nursing mom's wardrobe must-have.

Sometimes you just need a new part. No need to search down part numbers or pump models, just call us.

Multi-tasking has just been taken to a whole new level. More milk in less time? Really. You can thank us later.

More milk in less time! When you don't have time to waste, a “hospital-grade” breast pump is always your best option.  

PLEASE NOTE: Free shipping does not apply.  Please contact us directly to arrange delivery and/or pickup.

When you can't be with baby, a breast pump is an essential. Yes, it sucks! But we will assist you through the whole process.

While breastfeeding should NEVER hurt, sometimes sore boobies DO strike. We have a few products to ease the pain.

Whoever said breastfeeding is instinctual HAD to have been a man.  We are here for you 24/7, because it rarely comes easy.

We get it!  You just want your old tummy back.  From postnatal tummy pain to C-section care, we got the goods.